Scalping The Correct Score Market

So you fancy a spot of correct score scalping but what is the best score to scalp?


Not for the faint hearted as an early goal whilst you’re in will lose your stake, but can be profitable seeing the price cave in from 13s to 10s within first 10 mins. Combined with LTD will limit damage if you get caught.

1-0 or 0-1

These prices have to come in once the game kicks off and before a goal is scored. The fave 1-0 will come in quicker but so can the dog 1-0 IF they are looking the better side. This isn’t a bad price to scalp although a goal in the first 20 mins to the fave will see the 1-0 not steam in but drift out as market expects more goals……..


Not a great deal of flexibility on the 1-1 for price movement but ok to Scalp. Even game it will come in from around 7.2 to 6.8, hold, before drifting out again.

2-0 (to fave)

This is personally the safest of the correct scores to Scalp and the authors favourite score to Scalp. Tend to use this with home fave as price steams from ko and IF the fave does score you will still be in a reasonable position.

An example of this was last night. Using a CoverS for Mali and Ivory Coast decided to scalp the 0-2 to IC. I backed the 0-2 at 7.8 for £100 seeing the gaps below and as tried to lay off at 7.2 a goal went in…………2nd minute of the game! Once the market settled the 0-2 price came into 7s! So actually managed an extra tick profit from the goal being scored. Result. Now, not saying that would happen every time but it certainly wouldn’t drift out massively PLUS scalping the 2-0 to the fave gives you the edge as they are more likely to score……..

3-0 (to fave)

In games with a v heavy favourite like your Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U at home the 3-0 usually comes in a tick or two before holding and drifting out the longer the game goes at 0-0. This would be ok to Scalp although it is slower thus risking being in the market longer and the chance the dog might score the first goal. But a goal whilst being caught to the fave will see the 3-0 come in further so that’s the upside.


A great one to Scalp via laying it early but risky. An example of this was Barca v Ath Madrid where the Auq was 2.40 to lay at KO. This price was out to 3s in 8 mins, job done profit made! With the Auq that low even an early goal wouldn’t be the end of the world. Price would come into around 1.80-1.90s.

Key elements of Scalping:

Ladder interface via software like Bet Angel, The Geeks etc.

Live pictures. These are a must to see where the ball is in play.

Look for the gaps. Get in at a price with little money, soon as it gets matched be ready to submit your lay other side. Bang, in out, in out………..

Best times to Scalp are when the ball is out of play, injuries, substitutions, etc.

Practice with small stakes. Even £2 until you get more confident and used to it. Jumping in with £50 and losing will put you off for life, no need to do that.

Crawl before you walk, walk before you run, run before you sprint.

It takes time and experience to do.

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