Lucky Numbers Bingo Strategy

This strategy focuses on the bingo game Lucky Numbers which is provided by some companies on the Virtue Fusion software platform.

The technique involves the usual idea of spending the lowest stake across many games to reduce the overall variance, much like the spinning max line / min stake approach for slots

Lucky Numbers is a regular 90 ball version of bingo but at the start of the game you are given 3 Lucky Numbers and if the winning number for the players hitting 1 line, 2 lines or full house matches your number(s) you get a bonus prize. Match 1 Lucky Number = £1, £15 if you match 2 and £300 if you match all 3 (nice!)

So what we want to do is give ourselves as many chances of hitting one or more lucky numbers using the free signup or reload bonus money and maybe even hit the odd game win too so that we can complete the wagering requirements of the offer and withdraw the winnings as cash.

In testing we have had plenty of £1 wins, a few £15 wins and a couple of full house card wins too winning over £20 each from those so anything can happen. Just waiting for a 3 Luck Number strike now.

As stated we naturally want to spend as little as possible on each game so we look of the 5p cards, where the minimum number of tickets is 6 so each game costs just 30p.

The 5p games seem to run from just after 2:00am thru to 11:30am at the sites we have played so far but this doesn’t involved bleary eyed, caffeine inducted sessions as we can pre buy our tickets and let the system autoplay them for us.

The way to do this is to got the Schedule section of the Bingo Lobby so you can bulk buy tickets in advance.

Hit the schedule button, select Advanced Search – Lucky Numbers Bingo, Day – All, Next Hour – All, Maximum Ticket Price – 0.05 and search.

All the upcoming games will appear, so just click on the right to purchase the minimum number of tickets (6) in each game and repeat until you have used up all the bonus or as much of it as you can for the number of games available

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 22.52.45

As you can see this can be a slow burner if you have a big bonus to get through and wagering can be anything from 2x to 6x that we have seen. But it is all autoplay so is basically a set and forget strategy where the key is to complete the wagering fully so that any winnings go over into the cash balance for withdrawing. If winnings go into the bonus balance then that means there is further wagering required, so keep repeating until you meet the WR. You can go into the Account / Promotions / My Promotions section to see how much wagering is left to complete at any point to.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 22.56.37

Please note not all Virtue Fusion sites carry the Lucky Numbers game and also alot of the bookmakers use this platform, so you may not be able to claim a bonus if your sportsbook account has been open for a while so we are on the look for more and will add them as we test them along with our results, so the first 4 I have tried were:

MECCA BINGO – Deposit £10, Play with £50 – +£45

GALA BINGO – Deposit £10, Play with £50 – +£36

BGO BINGO – Deposit £10, Play with £50 – +£48

BUCKY BINGO – Deposit £10, Play with £60 – +£28

Just click on the links above to see all the offer details

*Note just use the strategy for the initial spend to get the bonus too