Wheel Of Fortune

Excellent offer over at a casino you may not have come across, Casumo and whilst not risk free gives you a decent shot at a good potential payout thanks to a little wagering loophole using their Super Money Monopoly Slot.

The sign up offer is 200% bonus upto a max of £50 (so deposit £25) plus you get 200 free spins (20 a day over 10 days) on the Starburst slot too. And there are other further deposit bonuses you can collect afterwards.

So initially deposit the initial max of £25 and get an instant 200% bonus giving you a £75 balance plus you will get all the 200 free spins credited which can be unlocked over the next 10 days however the first 1 or 2 sets will be available to use straight away. So play these first to build your balance even more.

All bonus money has a 35x WR but by using the Super Money Monopoly Slot we can cut this right down but you must follow the steps below.

So next open up the Super Money Monopoly Slot, here the idea is to get as much money as you can into the Monopoly Wheel at the top. We would suggest playing between 35p & £1.05 spins until your balance goes down to zero, IMPORTANT. The minimum spin is 35p so if you have less than that at the end then go back to the Starburst slot as you can adjust the Lines / Coins to clear the remaining balance. Now go back to the Super Money Monopoly Slot and press ‘start the wheel bonus’ and immediately select the Cashout option which gives you 5x the amount you have accumulated as instant withdrawable cash as long as your balance was 0 before you played it.

In effect you have bust the bonus so no more wagering applies but you will have some money hopefully in the wheel which is worth an instant 5x value and because the bonus has been bust (that is the important bit) there is no further wagering required. Of course you could take a chance and spin the wheel for more than a 5x payout but there are 1x / 2x / 3x on there so you know what the law of sod will do but it is your call on that.

So as long as you have at least £5 in the wheel then when this is cashed out x5 you will have £25 back which is your original deposit.

Like we say not risk free but a decent shot at a decent amount. We cashed out £79 doing this from the first £25 deposit and remember you still have the rest of the Starburst free spins and more deposit bonuses too so you can just play over in the same way and try to build an amount in the wheel again.

The key point is that your balance MUST be 0 BEFORE you spin the wheel for any wagering to be clear.

And once you have an account you will be getting plenty of reload offers and bonuses too!

When playing any of the reload offers then there is condition that all money put in must be wagered 1x before it can be withdrawn. This can be done on ANY game, so take your pick, but we always go for the lowest House Edge on offer, namely Blackjack and of course using the optimum play strategy here:

The reload offers tend to always be along the lines of…..

Up to 100 free spins in Zoom – Deposit £10 and get 15 free spins, deposit £30 and get 50, or deposit £50 to get 100 free spins in Zoom.

50 free spins in Second Strike – Get 50 free spins in Second Strike when you deposit today.

So the way we play them is to:

Deposit to trigger the bonus

Wager the deposit 1x over on Blackjack

Withdraw all cash in the account

Play the free spins then the cash generated from the free spins on the Super Monopoly Money Slot in the usual way

Here are some of our recent reloads as documented for the Bet72 Oddsmatcher Pro Facebook group:

Got offered 100 free spins for a £50 deposit yesterday. Played the deposit over, withdrew the £50 before the end & played the free spins winnings on SMM. Another £7 risk free profit

Another 100 free spins offer over here on the Spinions Slot netted £6 for about 10 mins work. Does seem to be an enforced rule now to wager all deposits over 1x before withdrawal so deposited £50, played Blackjack, was £3 down, won £17 from the free spins which converted to £9 on Monopoly

Got another 100 free spins for £40 deposit over here yesterday. Played 40 x £1 hands of Blackjack, lost a quid. Then & withdrew (money back in 4 hours to Skrill). Converted the 100 spins to £13 & made £9 on the Monopoly wheel. Not massive but done & dusted in just over 10 mins so all good.

Had another 30 free spins yesterday for a £20 deposit. Turned over on Blackjack made a fiver withdrew and then made £3 from the free spins but nothing from the SMM wheel but still +£5 overall and took less than 10 mins

Nice start to a Monday morning. Got another offer for 100 free spins on Spectra slot for a £50 deposit. Turned the £50 over on Blackjack so I could withdraw, made £10, then played the free spins made £8.72, took into SMM, made 40p on the normal gameplay but a random £25 got added to the wheel, apparently there are bonuses that can trigger anytime. First one I have had, didn’t even know about them but very welcome. Cashed it out 5x on the wheel for £127. Played a bit more Blackjack just to be nice like that and withdrew £125 in the end. Money back to Skrill account in under 4 hours

Another 100 free spins offer today. Made 50p on Blackjack. £13.50 from the spins on Starburst. Converted to £11.75 on the wheel. Nice slow burner of profits this strategy

So to get started just click the link below:

Of course drop any comments / questions / big win brags just drop us a line and we will be happy to help or share the winning screenshots!