15-40 Beginners Strategy

Here is our first foray into the world of tennis trading and who better to lead us than Mr Tennis himself, Tradeshark.

We are delighted that he has joined us here at Betting System Notes and provided a copy of his 15-40 beginners strategy which is included within his, now world renowned, Tennis Trading Guide

Over to you Tradeshark….

15-40 Beginners Strategy

This is based on a scalping method that doesn’t require live pictures.

It can be used by novice traders because I give you the exact entry point for the trade and the exact exit point. Also I have made the decision about when to exit the trade if things don’t go as we hope.

I have stripped it down to simple rules that will work for anyone. The risk to your bank is also small

I would advise using the ladder interface on your trading application as you can enter trades with one click. You can also see the hedge figure in the ladder interfaces.

You are looking for one of 2 scores…..either 15-40 or 0-40 (i.e. 2 or 3 break points) 15-40 is my favourite and also occurs more often. It offers a better price to enter the market.

If the receiving player has got himself to 40 there is a very good chance he will win one of the next 2 points. Once you see one of the qualifying scores you back the receiver (or lay the server). Green up when the break point is won.

Your greened up profit should be approximately 5% of stake used although this varies depending on what stage in the match you are at. (Note, this is for an entry score of 15-40. If you enter at 0-40 you will get a profit of 2 or 3 ticks)

If the server pulls back to 40-40, hedge for a small loss (again, about 5% or smaller)

During an average match you will get anywhere from 2 to 4 opportunities. Obviously more in 5 setters.


15-40 or 0-40 are the ONLY entry points. DO NOT be tempted to gamble on 30-40. You will lose more often than you win

Green up after the break

If the server pulls back to 40-40 hedge for the loss and wait for the next opportunity.

If the set has gone to a tie break wait until one player is 2 mini breaks up (i.e. has won 2 points against the serve) then back that player.

This method works best on clay court matches or on any womens match.

For this method to be more effective there are certain circumstances which can be avoided as the potential downside of the server coming back to 40-40 makes the risk higher:

If the winner of the first set has 2 break points against them in the second set, be wary of entering the market. If the server comes back to 40-40 the loss could be greater than normal.

An unsuccessful trade in a deciding set can leave us with a larger loss. Avoid using the method in deciding sets!

Avoid using this method when the server has a big serve. They are more likely to be able to pull out a couple of aces to get back to 40-40. You can check a player’s service stats at www.atpworldtour.com
As a general guide this method works best in WTA (womens) matches. Ideally you need the favourite’s price to be 1.40 or higher.

This method can be used on ATP(mens) matches on clay but as stated above avoid situations where the server has a big consistent serve.

As a beginner you are advised not to use this method on ATP matches on hard courts or grass. The reason for this is that these courts are faster and the serve is much more of an important shot. Many of the top players are capable of serving aces to get themselves back to 40-40.

Here is a video of the strategy in action:

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So if you want to know more about tennis trading then Tradeshark has an excellent Tennis Trading Guide and what’s more, we have secured a World Exclusive Deal on the guide and it is yours for just £25. Now you won’t get this price anywhere else on the world wide websphere!

The guide contains everything you need to get started including…..

– 2 strategies suitable for new tennis traders

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– All strategies include a video of me using them for a profit

– General advice section on tennis trading

– Daily tips and summaries of upcoming matches. Email me if you want a summary of a particular match

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– Live Trading Sessions

In fact we will be trading over the summer months ourselves so do check back and see our progress, using the self same strategies that are included in the guide.

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