Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : Once I have signed up do I have to make any other payments?

A : No, lifetime access to the site and software is a one-off payment, there are no monthly subscriptions or upgrade costs, ever!

Q : Is there any limit to how much information I can store within the system?

A : Unlimited. There is no restriction on the number of entries you can make or notes you can store.

Q : Is my data secure?

A : Access to the data is secure and via your own username and password. We take regular backups of all the databases held on our servers so all data is protected in that way too. As with any digital data that is important to you the we would recommend that you make your own personal back ups regularly. One option we are looking to develop is a personal export function whereby all your data can be exported from the system to your own PC / storage area automatically, so watch this space.

Q : How do I get updates about future developments?

A : Just register to our free online newsletter using the box to the right and get emailed about any future new updates and other exclusive events / offers from Betting System Notes.

Q : Is free support provided?

A : Yes, you can contact us anytime using the form below. We also plan to host regular online web chats and webinars to get feedback and keep all users uptodate with future developments and, of course, lend a helping hand as required.

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Q : Sounds great. Where can I see more?

Here is a video taken from our old site (updated one coming soon) but everything you see here is right inside here too!

Q : Looks even better. Where can I join?

A: To get your hands on a copy today just click the Join Now link below, make your payment and you will have full access to the site and software in minutes.