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How would you like to have all your betting systems, strategies and documentation at your fingertips each and every time you place a bet or trade a game.

Introducing Betting System Notes, a fantastically useful software product with real money making potential from the moment you buy it.

Betting System Notes is a fully customisable online notepad / organiser where you can store all your notes for betting systems and strategies, trading rules and guidelines. Making them all instantly accessible at the click of a mouse, anytime, anywhere…

If you are like us, you will have hundreds of systems, strategies and trading ideas scattered over umpteen eBooks, .pdfs, spreadsheets and other documents that you have aquired over the years and getting to them when you want to, cutting through the preamble and down to their nuts and bolts can be very time consuming. It’s certainly the last thing you need when you are preparing to place a bet or trade and worse if you are trying to do this live and in play.

Now you can have all that key information at your disposal, on screen and right where you need it, within your web browser in fact, so you can refer to the valuable information you have stored at anytime.

Think of the software as you own personal online systems database. You can add, delete, edit, categorise, customise, search and view all the information you enter to suit your needs. All the details are safe, secure and backed up everyday.

So if you are looking to organise and summarise all your system information into one place that is accessible for any location, then Betting System Notes is the product for you. Remember you can login to this site from wherever you happen to be betting or trading and all your records will be there, instantly, at the click of a mouse!

What’s more we have also preloaded the software with a lucky 13 proven profitable Football Trading Strategies so you can hit the ground running and get straight into profit. These football trading strategies have been provided by the professional football traders at In Play Trading, the internet’s leading authority on football trading.


Of course you don’t have to use the football strategies included, it is entirely upto you, do with them what you will. However each member gets their own unlimited private storage area, so you can add as many notes, systems, strategies and documentation as you like. There really is no other online systems storage product like it!

So sign up today for just £39.99 and you will have immediate access to the site, the software, the videos and all the other exciting content. Plus you will also be covered by our lifetime upgrade guarantee so as we add new feature, strategies and content, you will receive this all for free, for life. There is nothing more to pay after you have joined, ever and that is a promise.

Here is a brief tour of the rest of the site

So to get your hands on a copy today just click the Join Now link below, make your payment and you will have full access to the site and software in minutes.


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