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Our new sister site to bet72 features all the best online media content from all the leading internet money makers.

At the time of typing, our library has grown to over 1000 strong and is updated daily featuring a massive range of premium content from all of today’s leading profitable online sites & services.

Here’s a selection of the latest content from the site….

  • £15 In A Minute March 28, 2017
    Once you can read the signals and understand how the markets work, the rest is just putting the mechanics into play. Come & learn to trade with The Badger in person – Seats available on the next RacingTraders Roadshow Live Courses Here OR Grab a copy of the excellent Sports Trading Master Class video training […]
  • Trading vs Gambling? March 28, 2017
    Trading is often compared to gambling, with many people entering the market with a “get rich quick” mindset. Watch Simon Clarke’s video now as he explains how to approach the market with the correct mindset to give yourself a greater edge.
  • My Cheltenham Secret March 27, 2017
    A slightly tongue in cheek review of how Cheltenham week went. Overall, better than I expected to be honest. While not as big as Betfair, my results on Betdaq caught the attention of somebody that suggested perhaps I had taken on a new form. Unfortunately it wasn’t anything odd, just plain old hard work that […]
  • Dubai World Cup March 25, 2017
    This weekend sees one of the richest races in the calendar, the Dubai World Cup. Peter Webb talks you through the market. $10m is up for grabs and it can often make for an interesting trading market. This year’s market could be really interesting so I thought I’d highlight it and give you a chance […]
  • Simple Tip To Improve Your Trading March 18, 2017
    Been very busy with Cheltenham this week, so look forward to bringing more videos next week. But this one dawned on me as I was reviewing footage in-between days at Cheltenham. One easy way to improve your trading and be reflective on individual markets is to do a screen recording of them. I regularly record […]
  • When’s the BEST Time to Trade? March 17, 2017
    There’s many ways to trade a market. With so many variables it becomes even harder to know when you want to trade. Times are extremely important though! Catch up with Caan and his trading at www.caanberry.com On twitter @CaanBerryTrader and Facebook Not got an account yet then click below and pick up a bonus too….
  • Cheltenham Day 4 Preview March 17, 2017
    And now, the end is near and so I face the final curtain……. Last day coming up so let’s end it on a high with some top offers and how working with the experts can really pay off Welcome to Gold Cup day! http://cheltenham.bet72.com
  • Cheltenham Mid Festival Thoughts March 17, 2017
    Peter Webb at BetAngel with his thoughts on how the Cheltenham Festival is panning out so far GreenUpTV have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 14 days free access to the full professional version of the software and the new Betangel Trader edition too (details here)
  • Cheltenham Festival Day Three Offers March 16, 2017
    We have to stop meeting like this! Day 3 ready to roll so again more of the same please! http://cheltenham.bet72.com
  • Creating A Trading Edge March 16, 2017
    Simon Clarke discusses how he splits his trading into two parts, therefore giving him an edge to succeed in the markets.
  • Cheltenham Festival Day Two Offers March 15, 2017
    A decent start to the meeting on day one. More of the same please today! http://cheltenham.bet72.com
  • Volatility March 15, 2017
    This video shows how the difference in volatility at an average meeting as opposed to Cheltenham is a great advantage Come & learn to trade with The Badger in person – Seats available on the next RacingTraders Roadshow Live Courses Here BetTrader, the software featured in this video, is a cutting-edge Betfair sports trading platform […]
  • Festival Trading March 14, 2017
    Cheltenham is always a cracker to trade. Added liquidity, media hype and some huge gambles. It’s going to be a cracker. Check out the few points I have ahead of the festival to make it a profitable one! Catch up with Caan and his trading at www.caanberry.com On twitter @CaanBerryTrader and Facebook Not got an […]
  • Cheltenham Festival 2017 – Day One March 14, 2017
    Happy Cheltmas! Day One of the Cheltenham Festival 2017 Let’s Do This! http://cheltenham.bet72.com
  • Big Volume Markets At Cheltenham March 12, 2017
    The markets at Cheltenham can be huge, immense, stupendous, massive…. insert other adjectives. If you have never seen markets like this before then it may be a bit of a shock. In this video, Peter shows you what these markets look like. Generally smaller traded ranges and huge amounts of money matched within these ranges. […]

So whether it’s bookmakers, professional traders, automated bots, profitable systems and strategies or even a good documentary, there is something for everyone.

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