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At the time of typing, our library has grown to over 1000 strong and is updated daily featuring a massive range of premium content from all of today’s leading profitable online sites & services.

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  • It’s Football Trading Promo Week September 20, 2017
    A weeks full unlimited access to either/both sites, software, strategies & chatrooms all for just 10p each Just click on either/both of the banners below, create a user account & grab the 10p deal, simple! Football Betting Alerts In Play Trading
  • Matched Betting vs Trading September 17, 2017
    The very first Betfair trading strategy I deployed was actually using bookmakers. I would get a good price from them and lay off on the Betfair exchange. Technically I was doing arbitrage or ‘arbing’ as people often call it. I used this base to go from ‘risk-free ‘ betting to opting to take some risk […]
  • Using Batched Orders For Scalping September 17, 2017
    When trading on Betfair you want to get one order matched then another. You can put them in at the same time but often it makes sense to only put one in when one has filled. In this video, I’m scalping and doing so initially with the offset bet going in after one side has […]
  • OddsMonkey Exclusive Offer (Behind The Scenes) September 16, 2017
    See how our latest offer was conceived up at Oddsmonkey HQ
  • Real Hustle – Gambling Addiction September 13, 2017
    Alexis Conran explores gambling addiction, an affliction that ruined his estranged father, and seeks to understand how and why this compulsion destroys people’s lives. The Real Hustle is a British television series created by Objective Productions for BBC Three. The show demonstrates confidence and magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets perform […]
  • Risk, Reward, Staking & My Future In Betfair Trading Markets September 9, 2017
    Bit of a ramble, but here is a video on the limitations with sports trading markets, but also about risk and reward and staking when trading and scaling. I’ve tried to give you some insight into my views on stakes and the market and why you should always try to match your stake to the […]
  • Trading A Rush September 9, 2017
    You can pretty much split pre-race trading on Betfair into four phases. The period before the ‘real’ money arrives. The rush when the real money arrives and then there is a period of trending before you may get a bounce right at the end of the market, just before post time. In this video, the […]
  • Getting Bet Angel To Update Ten Times Faster September 9, 2017
    When you first use Bet Angel you may not be aware that you can speed up the price refresh by up to ten times. Most API apps for Betfair have traditionally used polling when retrieving prices from the exchange, most still do. But we adopted streaming very quickly so you could get the full benefit […]
  • What Stakes Should You Use When You Trade? September 4, 2017
    I’ve seen a few comments on what stakes should I use and why do I use certain stakes when I’m trading on Betfair. So I thought it was about time I did a video on what stakes you should use. It’s important when deploying a decent trading strategy to ensure you use correct stakes. Fortunately, […]
  • Know your football? Then I’ll give you £10000 September 3, 2017
    A few years ago I saw an article which was titled ‘Know your football’ asking people to predict the outcome of the premier league in return for £10,000. I thought I would have a go at solving the problem and this video tells you what I found. If you want to know where your football […]
  • IPT Inplay Scanner Overview August 31, 2017
    How to get setup the brilliant tool from www.inplaytrading.com and some example games For more details on the software then just click below…..
  • Meeting Neil Channing August 30, 2017
    Neil Channing is one of the most successful professional gamblers of recent times. He’s also one of the most versatile. He’s succeeded at Poker, Spread Betting, Horses, backing and laying sports betting and racecourse bookmaking. It’s not all been plain sailing though, there have been some magical highs, winning $1,200,000 in the Irish Poker Open […]
  • Some Hidden Features In Bet Angel August 29, 2017
    Technically these are not hidden at all, but merely not commonly used or immediately in your view if you are a bet angel user. However, these features are incredibly useful when trading as they provide quick and easy access to key functions that you may want to execute quickly or efficiently. I’ve done a short […]
  • Trading Unlikely Comebacks August 28, 2017
    Some Betfair football trading / sports strategies can be pretty complex, but some of the best opportunities are quite simple to understand and fairly straightforward. Rather than betting on an outcome trading, it can present much better opportunities. In this video we look at the opening weekend of the premier league and use a simple […]
  • Betfair Trading & Financial Markets Interview August 19, 2017
    While sorting out the office this week I stumbled across a DVD I thought I had lost. It was talking about Betfair trading and sports trading markets. It was from an interview I did in 2007 when my trading strategy was different! Thankfully it was still in a readable state so I extracted the video […]

So whether it’s bookmakers, professional traders, automated bots, profitable systems and strategies or even a good documentary, there is something for everyone.

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